Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Little bit about my dreams and aspirations.

       I am a young aspiring musician who has spent the last two years traveling around the country and recently back and fourth to Europe. I grew up in the small town of Green River Wyoming and am now doing my very best to find work composing music for films and commercials. Also acting here and there I invite anyone who wants or needs original and soul full music for film or radio advertisement to contact me. Having an original artist compose for your ad's really brings a unique spirit and color to your business. Email me at or call at (307) 871-7092

Meet Up in Paris. Film by Lole

    Here is a link to yet another film I composed and recorded the music for. It is again for Lolë and I am looking forward to more additions to the library of films and radio commercials I have recorded.

Under an Eternal Sky- Making of

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Again here is a Link to the making of for the same Film as posted above. My music was also featured in this clip. Lolë is full of such carefree and loving attitude, it was a true pleasure to work with the San Fran crew in California. Film and photos by Debra Kellner. At you can see her amazing journey through life as a filmmaker and photographer.

Under an Eternal Sky- Lole

Above is an Advertisement for Lolë, a women's sport wear company that promotes well being. I composed, played, sang, and recorded this for the sake of the film. This led to more work with them and hopefully, more work with you!
                                                 Steve Davis